Become a Better Artist: The Role of Criticism

An art teacher’s take on the role of criticism in improvement. In this excerpt from the ConverSapiens podcasts, art teacher Chris Screws answers questions about the most common errors of beginner artists, the role of personal expression in their work, and the goal of the artist. We also discuss shape drawing and learning to observe like anContinue reading “Become a Better Artist: The Role of Criticism”

Haunted Houses & The Birth of a High School Special FX Class

How a haunted Halloween attraction led to a one of a kind art program. I spoke with art teacher and lifelong artist Chris Screws about the unique Special Effects class he has pioneered in the Visual Art program at Pinson Valley High School. His Special Effects class is one of only five such programs offeredContinue reading “Haunted Houses & The Birth of a High School Special FX Class”

The Heart of Art Education

What’s the point of studying visual art? Every student has asked the familiar question: “When am I ever going to use this?” I recently had a conversation with a very talented artist and art educator, Chris Screws, who helped answer that question for visual art classes. Mr. Screws has 19 years of experience teaching art atContinue reading “The Heart of Art Education”