Paranormal Investigation: The Spirit Seeking Methods

Kristy Sumner is the leader of Soul Sisters Paranormal, an all women team of paranormal investigators wielding advanced degrees who use academic-minded methods to research the history and reported paranormal activities at haunted locations. Kris joined ConverSapiens for episode 7 of the show to discuss their work. The following is an excerpt from our ghostlyContinue reading “Paranormal Investigation: The Spirit Seeking Methods”

The #1 Mobility Issue: Lower Back Pain

Ethan Hammond is a mobility coach and performance therapist in England. He helps his clients address mobility problems using Yoga Tuneup and also acts as a CrossFit coach in his practice, E. H. Mobility. Ethan came on episode 3 of ConverSapiens to discuss the top 5 mobility issues he sees in his practice. In thisContinue reading “The #1 Mobility Issue: Lower Back Pain”

It’s Vague Across the Pond: European vs. American English

Ethan Hammond is a mobility coach born in America, now living in the UK. He came on the 3rd episode of ConverSapiens to discuss mobility issues, but first we talked about some of his observations about the differences in American and European English. In this excerpt from the show, we discuss English vagueness… or isContinue reading “It’s Vague Across the Pond: European vs. American English”

The Heart of Art Education

What’s the point of studying visual art? Every student has asked the familiar question: “When am I ever going to use this?” I recently had a conversation with a very talented artist and art educator, Chris Screws, who helped answer that question for visual art classes. Mr. Screws has 19 years of experience teaching art atContinue reading “The Heart of Art Education”